Beloved from Arakan

I have taken a break from ‘He Who Summoned the Magpie Robin’ , so I am ending up writing poems only. Writers block has been harsh on me. I want to go back to working on the story. But for now this is a new piece I wrote. Inspired from Anne Briggs and her folk renditions.
Arakanes/Rakhine women

O my Beloved,
My maiden from Arakan
Will you come with me?
No pearls in my belongings
but rice and salt for thee

With a house on Lushai we will dwell
And in skies and valleys we can stay
Down the river to o’er to where you are calling
But there are no boatmen today

We will make babes with skin smooth as yours
And name them you can in tongue of thine
No of my kin will ever slight you
For you are the love of mine

In the lowlands we can lay and play
And see the paddys fill
We can sing to the winter birds my love
It will be a promise still

Weep no more, it will not be long
Though one thing I would say,
To none I would lie my dear
Wait till the wedding day

**********************Photo source: Internet
*************************** 29/05/2013


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