Their Final Solution

An Extract from ‘He Who Summoned the Magpie Robin’ by Nirjhor Barua

In the unusual quietness, the Sheikh in his 11/a Dhanmondi residence had been pacing up and down the corridor. Already in darkness of the night, things have started to happen. He knew they were coming for him. They were coming for everyone. The news of all the army personnel flying in secretly in civilian clothes and under false pretence was passed to him from time to time. This worried him much, he feared for the lives of those he promised to lead. He was fidgeting with his pipe as he walked, gripping it for sometime before putting it back on a table. Bengalis had laid down road blockades with tree trunks and bricks, but that would not be enough to stop what was to be unleashed. Already he had signed and sent a formal declaration that was going to be relayed and transmitted; he still did not know what had happened of it after that. There was no time and he could hear sound of distant shelling and gunfire.


In Nazi Germany, The Final Solution was to be the end of the ‘Jewish Problem’, the die Endlösung der Judenfrage. Various literatures were published with racial undertones from before the First World War that very cleverly turned the population already cautious of the Jews and gypsies into downright fearful. Euphemisms were employed, names were given and in the tricks of language, the real intention was laid down. Minds were very slowly but surely poisoned. People started feeling that maybe yes, maybe this was the way forward for Germany. Dehumanising the Jews became only the build up. Jews were subhuman, almost animal, rats. They had particular features, the big noses, small statute. It was an example of clever propagandas that led an entire supposed civilised population to support genocide. The guards who gassed and killed the numerous Jews felt no remorse; their humanity was suspended, thrown up in the air for some time, crippled by brainwashing and promise. To them they were doing nothing but service.

As the decades passed, in another part of the world, similar ploys were meant to be at play. But this time a clever figure like Goebbels was missing. However, the propaganda, although disorganised, did not fall apart. It was done in two parts. The first and primary rats, the animal, subhuman, were the Hindus, the dhoti wearing, cow-loving, female-Satan-worshipping rats. Extermination or at least population control of Hindus was to unify the nation, as the absence of these so-called India-loving traitors would ensure Pakistan’s domination over its neighbour. The second was the overall Bengali population, the Hindu-loving, shitting-behind-banana-tree, midget-like, almost nude and the Negros of the Pakistani world, Bengalis. As the majority of the Bengali population were Muslims, caution was taken when the name-calling was done and the theories were set. It was directed towards the almost Hindu-like-un-Islamic Bengali culture and language, and how the superior Urdu-loving-Punjabi-dominated religio-socio-political situation should be accepted without question. The rhetoric were only part successful. The people in East Pakistan did not give a fuck about it, as many would crudely say. Whereas, the ruling-military-machine and the population of West Pakistan both dished it and lapped it up.

Just before midnight struck on the night of 25th March 1971, as the tanks rolled, artillery shells covered the sky, Khaki-flesh-hungry troops poured into the streets of Dacca, the final Stages of the ‘Final Solution to the Bangla Desh question’ had begun. Bangla Desh sawalo ka Ankhri Faisala had begun.

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