Jahir, the boy and the comrade

A new blog post from ‘The Changing City Men’. Have a read and enjoy Thank you.

The Changing City Men

This is an extract from ‘The Changing city Men’

Professor Jahir Saleh Majumdar was born in the year of 1956 in Chittagong, to Rahim Saleh Majumdar, a member of the 60’s intelligentsia, a lecturer in Chittagong College and Momota Begum, a plump house wife, whose primary passion was making Rashgollas. As a child growing up in an educated Bengali Muslim family, life was always not so easy, there was always a constant fight between the old and the new, the west and the east, the medieval and the modern. He remembered going to the Friday prayers as a young boy, with freshly pressed clothes and perfumes called attar, but even at that age he felt queasy, uneasy in the surroundings, sometimes. His father always said, ‘bear with it, son.’ He for one could not find a reason why he couldn’t be friends with the Hindu boy…

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