Labu–conception, birth and memory

The Changing City Men

This is an extract from ‘The Changing City Men’

Labu, If not for photographs, could swear she would not have remembered how her mother looked like, not clearly at least. The curve of the face, the waviness of the hair, the way she dressed, the way she stood, the way her hair fell over her shoulders and how her eyes gleamed of mischief. However, Labu remembered the smell. She would be able to spot her mother whilst blind folded and her nose would lead her straight to her Ma. Maybe it was all in the biology of things, instinct, and people just had not realised it yet. Would she be able to recognise her voice? Maybe not, she further confirmed, she did not have the ear for it. Her father would have probably, but not her. Her senses did not extend that far.

She would imagine love stories…

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